Hi fellow educationalists!

I am a primary school teacher working in the South West of England or The Shire as I like to refer to it. Although I’ve only been qualified for 4 years, I have been lucky enough to have a varied career which has included teaching in every year group in both permanent and long term supply posts, managing a supply teaching agency and writing and leading CPD.

My main specialism is humanities but in my career I have also developed specialisms in PE and Maths. Having taught in challenging schools and schools where my classes have ranged between 30-60% SEN, SEN, mental health, pupil engagement and behaviour have also become areas I’m extremely passionate about.

Because of that I am about to start an MA Education where I hope to specialise in SEN and mental health. I then hope to go on to complete a PHD so that I can pursue a career in teacher training and CPD.

I have a nerdy interest in writing articles, hence why I have set up this blog but pride myself on my honest, open approach to education, which I hope will resonate with my readers.

If you want to get in touch to discuss my ideas, ask advice or talk anything teacher, please give me a message.

My Ethos

As a teacher, I am understanding, honest and approachable. I genuinely believe in getting the best out of all children and regardless of ability, needs etc, I adapt my teaching so that they can access the learning, whilst also having high expectations and a sense of challenge. I believe in choice and many instances during the day, I allow my class to my decisions in there own learning to develop independence and skills for life long learning.